Balance Body and Mind

About Beth

I qualified to teach Yoga in 2007, in Cape Town where I am originally from. I opened a little yoga studio near the beach where I enjoyed teaching a number of students of all levels and abilities. We moved to the UK in 2009 where I continued to practice as much as possible until I was in the position to start a new yoga business, Khushee Yoga. The name is from the meaning of Khushee in Hindi, which is Sunshine and Happiness. I really love my job, and meeting people and watching their journey into Yoga is one of the things that truly brings happiness (khusheeness) into my life. My students are an endless, priceless resource of wisdom and information.
I chose to practice Yoga from a young age to improve my own physical, emotional and mental health, and it has certainly helped a lot!
Family is very important to me. As a mother of one young daughter, and as wife to a very honorable man, I feel blessed every day and love to share my happiness, sense of humour, and experience with people I meet.

Who Can Benefit From Yoga

The benefits of yoga practice are endless. Anyone, young and old, who is looking to improve their strength, flexibility, core strength, stamina and balance should practice yoga. Those with back, joint, hip, or shoulder problems, high or low blood pressure, or breathing problems will definitely benefit from yoga practice.
People who suffer from depression and anxiety find peace of mind and are able to learn to control their minds and emotions, as well as learning to accept themselves and the world around them, without judgement. Anybody looking to take some time out of their busy life to stretch, relax and tune into their breathing for a while, would certainly benefit from yoga practice.

Equipment and Props

I lay out blue mats before every class to map out the room, and students can either use the mat provided, or bring their own to place over the blue one. I provide flat foam blocks and straps, but students are welcome to bring their own. During the cold months, I advise students to bring a blanket for relaxation, and if they require pillows or bolsters, to bring their own. Chairs are provided at each venue if students prefer not to be on the floor.
The best clothes to wear for a yoga class are comfortable, loose fitting trousers or shorts, and a vest or tee-shirt.